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Peer reviewed:
Conference Papers:
  • Siebert, S., Cornish, N., Döll, P. Dubovyk, O., Engels, O., Eyshi-Rezaei, E., Gerdener, H., Gonzalez, J., Graw, V., Hagenlocher, M., Herbert, C., Kusche, J., Landmann, T., Meza, I., Nouri, H., Popat, E. & D. Rupp (2019): GlobeDrought – towards improved drought risk analysis and projection at global and regional scales. GRoW – Water as a global resource.
  • Reichhuber, A., Gerber, N., Mirzabaev, A., Svoboda, M., López Santos, A., Graw, V., Stefanski, R., Davies, J., Vuković, A., Fernández García, M.A., Fiati, C. & X. Jia (2019): The Land-Drought Nexus: Enhancing the Role of Land-Based Interventions in Drought Mitigation and Risk Management. A Report of the Science-Policy Interface. United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Bonn, Germany.
Books and Book Chapters:
  • Graw V., Dubovyk O., Duguru M., Heid P., Ghazaryan G., Villagran De Leon J., Post J., Szarzynski J., Tsegai D. & Y. Walz (2019): Chapter 9 - Assessment, monitoring, and early warning of droughts: the potential for satellite remote sensing and beyond. In: (eds.): E. Mapedza, D. Tsegai, M. Bruntrup & R Mcleman, Current Directions in Water Scarcity Research, Elsevier, Volume 2, 2019: 115-131, ISSN 2542-7946, ISBN 9780128148204,