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Spatial assessment of bush encroached areas across African continent (BushAfrica)

  • Project Coordination

ZFLDr  Olena Dubovyk

  • Project summary

Bush encroachment is currently one of the most challenging land degradation problems in Africa. This process is mainly present in arid and semi-arid systems such as moist savannas and woodlands, drylands and deserts as well as grasslands. Causes for bush encroachment can be found on biophysical and socio-economic sides as referring to a process of land degradation.

In BushAfrica project, we aim to develop a Remote Sensing and GIS based methodology to assess: (i) current extent of bush encroached areas across African continent and (ii) to identify areas which are more susceptible for bush encroachment in the future.

The study is the research collaboration between the Center for Development Research (ZEF) and Centre for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL), University of Bonn. The wider goal of the project collaboration is to provide spatial information to support national and international policies promoting technological and institutional innovations in bioenergy, and more broadly in decentralized energy options in developing countries using a as an example African countries.

  • Duration

01.06.2015 – 01.01.2016

  • Study areas


  • Staff

Dr  Olena Dubovyk (project coordinator)

Prof Dr Menz

Dr Valerie Graw

Carsten Oldenburg

  • Cooperation partners

Center for Development Research (ZEF)

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • Funding agency
Center for Development Research via BMZ
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