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Charter Activation in Sudan

Starting in early August 2020, Sudan and its neighboring countries were experiencing torrential precipitation. Severe amounts of rainfall caused extensive flooding throughout most of Sudan’s states, in large parts caused by the Blue Nile and Nile rivers overflowing their banks while transporting the excess runoff downstream. During this large-scale natural disaster, widespread agricultural areas as well as residual areas were affected, endangering food-security and livelihoods. In response, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Sudan activated the International Charter Space & Major Disasters to request support in assessing the situation in a timely manner.
Under project management from Ruhr Uni Bochum and ZFL and value adding provided by ZFL, national-scale and regional-scale flood maps based on high-resolution optical and radar satellite data were created rapidly to support the government. Many hundreds of thousands of people were directly affected by the catastrophe. With the provided data, the Sudanese government was able to identify the areas most in need and received key metrics such as people affected and area flooded on a state-level.