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UN-SPIDER Bonn International Conference, 16 to 18 November 2021

Natural and man-made disasters continue to cause tremendous damage to societies around the world. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all countries around the world, the effects of climate change on hydrometeorological and other hazards cannot be ignored.  The trend of very intense forest fires that took place in 2019 in Australia, Brazil and the United States continued this year in Greece, Turkey, and other countries; and regions of Germany saw the impacts of unprecedented floods and debris flows that triggered massive losses. In contrast, regions in Southwestern Canada and the north-western segment of the United States experienced a very severe heatwave.
To address these challenges posed by natural hazards that are exacerbated by climate change, UN-SPIDER and ZFL are joining forces to organize the UN-SPIDER Bonn International Conference (virtual): “Space-based Solutions for Disaster Management in Africa. Networks and Information Technologies in times of crisis”.
This International Conference will address novel solutions developed by the space community, ways in which disaster management agencies are implementing space-based solutions and will allow UN-SPIDER to strengthen its network of African stakeholders for an improved use of space technologies for disaster management.
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