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ZFL Team

Steering commitee

Georg Bareth overview

Georg Bareth
University of Cologne

Stefan Dech overview

Stefan Dech

Manfred Denich overview

Manfred Denich
ZEF - University of Bonn

Olena Dubovyk overview

Olena Dubovyk
GIUB - University of Bonn

Klaus Greve overview

Klaus Greve
GIUB - University of Bonn

Uwe Rascher overview

Uwe Rascher
FZ Jülich

Jörg Szarzynski overview

Jörg Szarzynski

Lars Wirkus overview

Lars Wirkus


















Adrian Strauch overview

Adrian Strauch
Scientific Coordination

Javier Muro

Javier Muro
Research Associate

Jonas Schreier overview

Jonas Schreier
Junior Researcher

Victor Korir overview


Victor Korir
Student Asisstant

Timo Matheis overview

Timo Matheis
Student Assistant


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