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Brüser, Katharina


Research interests:
  • Social-ecological systems
  • optical remote sensing and vegetation ecology
Study Areas: South Africa (Savanna and Grassland Biome)
  • since 05/2010 Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES), Crop Science Group, Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert, University Bonn
  • 03/2010 Graduation (Diploma), thesis title (Geography): Remote sensing and model based assessment of plant indicator species for grazing impact in Southern Kyrgyzstan (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmidtlein, University of Bonn, Germany)
  • 10/2008 – 01/2009 Employee at the environmental consulting company Zumbroich GmbH & Co KG –Landschaft und Gewässer (Bonn); Environmental impact assessment for a landfill site
  • 08/2008 Tutor for undergraduate field course of the Department of Geography (Bonn) in the Ötztal area, Austria
  • 05/2007 – 06/2007 Research Assistant for forest ecology at the Ministry of Forests and Range, British Columbia, Canada (Research Branch; Biodiversity of mosses and lichen in dependence of forestry practices, Biogeoclimatic Zone Classification, Regrowth of pine species following mountain pine beetle infestation)
  • 08/2006 – 04/2007 Enrollment at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada (Physical Geography)
  • 07/2006 – 08/2006 Research Assistant for field work in the Swiss Alps at the Department of Geography, Bonn
  • 04/2005 – 06/2006 Research Assistant at the Remote Sensing Research Group, University of Bonn; employed for the SFB 389 ACACIA (Arid Climate, Adaption and Cultural Innovation in Africa)
  • 10/2003 Enrollment at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn, Germany (Major in Geography, Minors in Soil Science and Environmental and Resource Economics)
Current projects: RCR
Other activities: Singing, hiking, climbing
Recent publications:  Poster:
  • Brüser, K., Schellberg, J., Ewert, F. (2011): "Fernerkundungsbasierte Analyse raum-zeitlicher Vegetationsmuster Südafrikanischen Weidelands. Arbeitskreis Fernerkundung, 29/30 September 2011, Würzburg, Germany.

Oral presentations:
  • Brüser, K., Schellberg, J., Oomen, R., Ruppert, J., Linstädter, A., Ewert, F.(2011): Remote sensing based analysis of spatio-temporal vegetation patterns in South African rangeland at different scales, Tropentag, 25-27 Oktober 2011, Bonn, Germany.


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