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Dr. González, Javier

Senior Researcher

Research interests:
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Land degradation
  • Machine learning and Object detection
Study Areas:
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine
  • USA
  • since 10/2017 Research associate at ZFL
  • 10/2011 – 03/2017 Research associate, FKIE-Fraunhofer
  • 03/2007 – 06/2011 PhD Researcher Geography, Heinrich-Heine University-Duesseldorf
  • 01/2001 – 06/2014  M.Sc. Geomorphology and Soils and Research assistant, Universidad Nacional of Colombia
  • 01/1992 – 06/1999 B.Eng. Forest, Universidad Nacional of Colombia
Current projects:
Closed projects:
Recent publications:

Peer reviewed

  • Rabatel, A., Ceballos, J.-L.,Micheletti, N., Jordan, E., Braitmeier, M., González, J., Mölg, N., Ménégoz, M., Huggel, C., Zemp, M. 2017. Toward an imminent extinction of Colombian glaciers?. Toward an imminent extinction of Colombian glaciers? Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, doi: 10.1080/04353676.2017.1383015
  • Battistello, G.; González, J. & Ulmke, M. 2014. Vessel Route prediction for maritime Surveillance. Proceedings of 9th Security Research Conference, 16 –18th Sep. 2014, Berlin, Germany 
  • González, J.; Battistello, G., Schmiegelt, P. & Biermann, J. 2014. Semiautomatic extraction of ship lanes and movement corridors from AIS Data. Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS2014), 13 –18th Jul. 2014, Quebec, Canada
  • González, J.; Ponce De Leon, F. & Biermann, J. 2014. Automatic Extraction of Oil Palm Trees in High Resolution Aerial Color Images from a Plantation in Ecuador. Proceedings of 5th GEOBIA Conference, 21-24th May 2014, Thessalonika, Greece
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