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02. Mai 2022

Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský appointed as remote sensing professor at GIUB Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský appointed as remote sensing professor at GIUB

Prof. Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský
Prof. Dr. Zbyněk Malenovský © Zbyněk Malenovský
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ZFL welcomes Zbyněk Malenovský as the new professor for remote sensing at the Department of Geography (GIUB) at the University of Bonn! In this position it is foreseen that he will become a member of ZFL’s Steering Committee soon.

As Chair of the Remote Sensing Research Group (RSRG), he succeeds PD Dr. Olena Dubovyk, who has served as interim professor at the Department of Geography since 2019.

Prof. Malenovský’s academic career led him through research positions in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States. Before his appointment at the University of Bonn, he worked as an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of Tasmania. With his international experience and his remote sensing expertise we are looking forward to future collaborations, new projects and interesting research activities. His research interests promise many intersections with previous research at ZFL, RSRG, and other research groups at GIUB. His main expertise lies in the scientific field of optical remote sensing and laboratory & field spectroscopy using drone, airborne- and spaceborne imagery. His specialty is stress ecology and remote sensing of vegetation under climate change, especially in near-shore terrestrial ecosystems of Antarctica, high mountain alpine meadows, or Australian forests.

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