Universität Bonn

Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL)

01. September 2016


Earth Observation based information products for drought risk reduction on the national level

EvIDENz (Earth Observation based information products for drought risk reduction on the national level) is carried out by ZFL in collaboration with UNU-EHS and UN-SPIDER. Droughts duration and their intensity have generally increased. Especially agricultural land is endangered which has direct consequences food security, health and the economic situation of a country. Using South Africa and Ukraine as case study countries which have been severely affected by drought events in the last century the project develops and tests new earth observation based methods according to the defined SFDRR requirements for drought risk reduction. Drought hazard monitoring on the national level is carried out using a combination of different sensors and highlighting the use of the new Sentinel missions. Sentinel data provide free optical and radar data in high resolution which is an advantage especially for the generation and use of earth observation based information products in low income and low-middle income countries. By applying the newly developed methods and processes information products are provided which contribute to national monitoring systems in the field of drought risk and agriculture. Use and transferability to other low-income and lower-middle income countries is one of the project´s objectives. Risk information products serve as early warning information and give a key understanding for areas and people at risk during a drought event.

‘Earth observation-based information products for drought risk on a national basis’ (EViDENz) is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi; grant No 50EE1541).

Team at ZFL

Dr. Olena Dubovyk (Principle Investigator)
Dr. Valerie Graw
Dr. Javier González
Ayman Abdel-Hamid
Gohar Gharzaryan
Jonas Schreier
Carlos García Lanchares

Team at UNU-EHS

Dr. Yvonne Walz
Karen Dall


Dr. Joachim Post

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