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Recent News


Geomatics Workshop 2021

On June 11 between 10 and 14:30 o'clock ZFL, together with the Remote Sensing Research Group of the Department of Geography, of University of Bonn, are organizing a virtual Geomatics Workshop. Two thematic sessions on the topics "Ecosystem and Environmental Monitoring" and "EO for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction" will be held including presentations and discussions and inbetween there will be possibilities for virtual coffee breaks, socialising and networking. To join the event, simply use this zoom link:


Charter Activation in Sudan

Starting in early August 2020, Sudan and its neighboring countries were experiencing torrential precipitation. Severe amounts of rainfall caused extensive flooding throughout most of Sudan’s states, in large parts caused by the Blue Nile and Nile rivers overflowing their banks while transporting the excess runoff downstream. During this large-scale natural disaster, widespread agricultural areas as well as residual areas were affected, endangering food-security and livelihoods. In response, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Sudan activated the International Charter Space & Major Disasters to request support in assessing the situation in a timely manner.
Under project management from Ruhr Uni Bochum and ZFL and value adding provided by ZFL, national-scale and regional-scale flood maps based on high-resolution optical and radar satellite data were created rapidly to support the government. Many hundreds of thousands of people were directly affected by the catastrophe. With the provided data, the Sudanese government was able to identify the areas most in need and received key metrics such as people affected and area flooded on a state-level.

ZFL Workshop 2019

ZFL has successfully conducted the GEOMATIK annual workshop on 23/05/2019 with more than 50 participants from the University of Bonn and other NRW institutions including University of Bochum. The program of the event can be found under the following link.

Special issue "Remote Sensing of Dryland Environment" in Remote Sensing

We are pleased to invite your contributions to a special issue "Remote Sensing of Dryland Environment" in Remote Sensing journal (impact factor 3.952). Dr. Olena Dubovyk, the scientific coordinator of the Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL), serves, together with Prof. Zhiwei Xu and Dr. Tobias Landmann, as a guest Editors for this special issue.

Link to the special issue:

SE4Amazonian Workshop

This week the project SE4Amazonian conducted its first national workshop in Quito, Ecuador. The project aims at the development of an electrification plan with renewable energy sources to provide energy to those who are left behind – the indigenous communities of the Amazon. Local technicians and representatives from national ministries and NGOs got to the table to discuss demand, challenges and the potential of renewable energy provision. Dynamic and enthusiastic discussion rounds made this kick-off workshop a success.

SE4Amazonian workshop 2019

During the next two months two pilot areas will be visited by local technicians to test the first participatory mapping for Sustainable Energy for the Amazonian. Here, remote sensing products will be validated and further, energy but also general demands added via a participatory mapping approach by the indigenous communities themselves. To secure the rights of the indigenous communities a close collaboration with all partners will identify at all times which data can be collected and also be integrated in further analysis. This decision will be made by the indigenous communities themselves to respect their needs and rights. ZFL works in close collaboration with the local technicians themselves and the indigenous communities via our national partners Tratural and AmazonGISnet. For more information please see ….weblink….


Latest Publications

  • Ghazaryan G., Dubovyk O., Kussul N.  & J. Schellberg (2020): Local Scale Agricultural Drought Monitoring with Satellite-based Multi-sensor Time-series. GIScience & Remote Sensing. 57(5), p.511-524. 
  • Landmann T., Dubovyk O., Ghazaryan G., Kimani J.  & E.M. Abdel-Rahman (2020): Wide-area Invasive Species Propagation Mapping is Possible Using Pheno-Metric Trends. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 159, p. 1-12. 
  • Graw V., Ghazaryan G., Schreier J., Gonzalez J., Abdel-Hamid A. Walz Y., Dall K., Post J., Jordaan A. & O. Dubovyk (2020): Timing Is Everything – Drought Classification For Risk Assessment. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, p. 428-433.
  • Akinyemi F., Ghazaryan G. & O. Dubovyk (2020): Assessing UN Indicators of Land Degradation Neutrality and Proportion of Degraded Land Over Botswana Using Remote Sensing Based National Level Metrics. Land Degradation & Development.
  • Heinemann, S., Siegmann B., Thonfeld F., Muro J., Jedmowski C., Kemna A., Kraska T., Muller O., Schultz  J. , Udelhoven T. et al. (2020): Land Surface Temperature Retrieval for Agricultural Areas Using a Novel UAV Platform Equipped with a Thermal Infrared and Multispectral Sensor. Remote Sensing, 12(7), p. 1075.

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Welcome to the Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL). We are an interdisciplinary center of the University of Bonn dedicated to research and teaching in the fields of remote sensing, geoinformation sciences and spatial modelling. Our objective is to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration within the University of Bonn and to foster high quality research activities.

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